Artist Number 7: Andrea Robinson

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Artist statement:
Andrea Robinson is an artist, writer and printmaker. Originally trained in fashion design, she has also worked as a designer and illustrator. After a number of years as a freelance arts manager for film, theatre and visual arts, she has returned to her own creative practice and is working towards her first solo show. Group show credits include Clinic presents: Launch at the Amersham Arms, and Murmurs at the Rag Factory. She recently created a print poem and blogged about the process for Karen McCarthy Woolf’s online writing experiment Open Notebooks. The submitted images are from a series of monoprints on cloth and postcard sized watercolour paper. They chart the shifting colours, shapes and empty spaces of childhood memories. The final work takes the form of a child’s cloth book.

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Artist Number 6: Jennifer Maidment

The beautiful illustrations of Jennifer Maidment, whose style you may recognise since she also designed the fabulous budgies for the Ladyfest Ten art group and t-shirts. A very talented emerging female illustrator / artist…feast your eyes on these…


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Artist Statement:

Working with a range of materials; from pen on paper, to camouflaging ink and paint with patterned fabrics, my work explores nature and wilderness in its contemporary context. My practice aims at investigating the impact appropriated imagery has upon the modern perception of nature and furthermore, how this ‘media-appropriated nature’ could bring new meaning to landscape painting. The images I use to paint from are sourced mainly from the Internet and cinema. Whether animal or traditional landscape and regardless of being created using paint, ink or pen, I consider all of my works to be landscape paintings in the greater context.

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Featured artist number 5: Caroline Gervay

Caroline Gervay is the new artist selected. Watch her ‘psycho-geographical short-film’!
For more info about her work check the website

Artist statement:
As the train travels up the dragon-shaped country, it leaves a trail that demarcates the vertical fauna from the endless expanse of water.

The heartbeats of the machinery melt into mine and the visions that unfold before my eyes rehabilitate what I had always perceived as vertical, authoritarian and rigid.

Vietnam is a place that lies between memory, imagination and geographical reality. Only it could allow the process of identity.

Half-Vietnamese, I intend to tell of the journey through which I reconciled myself to my long-neglected origins.

“Epiphanique-Ondée” is a psycho-geographical short-film, exploring the inherent memories of cultural landscape and the passage of time.

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Featured Artist Number 4: Judith van der Made

A great video performance artist musician from the Netherlands!

For more info about her work check the website!

Artist Statement: Judith van der Made, aka skills ltd

sometimes, mostly quite unexpected, life hits you straight in the face.
the sensation it gives is so intense and overwhelming that its hard to comprehend
whats going on…

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Ladyfest Ten Exhibition 11th- 14th November 2010

The Ladyfest Ten Art group are excited to announce….

// THE LADYFEST TEN EXHIBITION PRIVATE VIEW //  11th November 6-12PM // Ground Floor Left Gallery // London E9 7QL

Image: Jennifer Maidment

Sponsored by CASS ART

A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction. – Oscar Wilde

This year’s Ladyfest exhibition invites you on a journey through new representations of women past, present and future. A culmination of months of work, the Ladyfest Ten exhibition will feature a range of submissions including :

–> Entries from the Ladyfest Ten Postcard Project


–> Photos and Life-drawings from the infamous Swallows and Amazons life-drawing salons.


–> A series especially created for the Ladyfest Ten exhibition, of the latest work of emerging female artist BEX MASSEY (

–> The featured work of artists from the Ladyfest Art blog ZINE


HOSTED by the fabulous GROUND FLOOR LEFT exhibition space/ artist collective in their warehouse space at the top of Mare Street


The party starts at 6PM and will go on until Midnight. CHEAP BAR.

An opportunity to get an insight into the festival before the weekend begins in earnest, and to meet and drink with some of the wonderful lasses that have made Ladyfest Ten happen.

More TBC very soon…..

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Featured Artist Number 3: Isabel Albert

A fascinating series created by another fabulous photographer.

For more info about her work check the website!

Artist Statement: Isabel  Albert


This series is all about the form of the human body. I have always been interested in the human body and have felt that it can really tell us something about the individual. It’s not just our clothes that set us apart from one another; our bodies can sometimes tell their own story or at least a hint of a past incident. Some marks are easily hidden due to their very location on the body, others are sometimes purposefully hidden, and some are almost impossible to hide, especially if they are on the face or hands.

My father lost some of his fingers to frost bite when he was young and has had to deal with this throughout his life. This incident has made him fairly unique in appearance which in turn has affected how people approach him. Not only has my father had to deal with the physicality of adapting to a hand with missing fingers, but also the psychological side of other peoples responses to the sight of his hand.

A birth mark, mole, burn or scar can also trigger the same response depending on the size and more importantly their location on the body. I wanted to photograph people with these features in order to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of the human body.

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Featured artist number 2: Alicja Dobrucka.

A breathtaking visual symphony…

Introducing featured Artist Number 2:  Alicja Dobrucka

I like you, I like you a lot

My 14-year-old brother tragically drowned in 2008. In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy I attest to the materiality of death, engaging in private moments that the camera has candidly recorded. Over time, I reflect: the changes in me, what I remember, what I miss and of what remains. I am immersed in this push and pull between the rawness of emotion and the contemplation of the photograph, its own traces revealing impermanence; physical evidence eventually becoming fragmented memory.

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“We photograph things in order to drive them out of our minds. My stories are a way of shutting my eyes.” ‘Franz Kafka’

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